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Kinross College's Curriculum

Kinross College continues to strive for impact within the Kinross community. Its vision remains to create passionate and purpose-driven students who then integrate into the community and contribute to its growth and development. One way through which it achieves this is through its curriculum. 

This college remains committed to promoting the high achievement of its students. It aims to spur the interest of its students towards the contribution of their capacity towards the development of society. One way through which Kinross achieves this is through its teaching and learning curriculum. 

Today, Kinross College offers an intensive program to students in various learning areas. These learning areas include:


  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • English
  • Society and Environment 
  • The Arts
  • French 
  • Physical Education
  • Technology and Enterprise

While these various areas appear broad, Kinross College delivers specialist programs across the various core areas. For instance, under the broad cover of The Arts., Technology and Enterprise, and Languages, various study areas exist. Such specialist areas include design technology, visual and performing arts, digital media, home economics, and French. 

Kinross College has designed the curriculum with care. This ensures that students can learn the basics when they first arrive. In time, they can then advance and focus on specific subject areas as they reach the Year 9 and 10 category. Kinross College offers a flexible program that ensures it can cater to students’ wide variety of needs. 

Kinross College recognises the learning entitlement of all its students. This is in recognition of the stipulation of the Australian curriculum. This curriculum sets out the learning objective of young people by specifying the content of the school’s curriculum across the learning areas, cross-curricula priorities, and general capabilities. 

Kinross College encourages its teachers to implement this curriculum sing a staged process. This process is to ensure easy onboarding for students. This is also supported by the Department of Education who provides professional support amidst other learning and teaching resources. They also provide online information to help make the process smoother. 

Kinross College also makes the curriculum available to parents and students to ensure that they can understand what to expect. Kinross College makes this resource available on its curriculum resource page. You can visit the official page of Kinross College to access this information. 

The curriculum provides a cover for the general program. It also provides an overview and outline of the curriculum concepts and content, including the assessments period. 

Beyond this, there are also elective booklets available for students in Year 9 and Year 10. This booklet provides information on electives for students who are beginning to reach a stage in their education where they can specialise. This booklet is also available on Kinross College’s curriculum resource page. You can visit the official page of Kinross College to access this information. 

If you are looking to know more about Kinross College, you can visit their official site. We are always updating our information offering on them. So, you can check back later for any new information.