Dress Code

The Dress Code

Like many schools in Australia, Kinross College also has a dress code every student must follow. Failure to comply with the dress code can result in a penalty. Students are expected to come to the college grounds adequately and appropriately dressed. Kinross College selected the dress code after a comprehensive consultation with parents, teachers and students. The most suitable and comfortable uniform was selected, and that is what students wear to school.

The dress code is endorsed by the School Board and is now regarded as a part of the college’s culture. Kinross makes adequate provisions to inform the parents and students about the dress code before the enrolment process to ensure everyone knows what they’re getting into. The dress code is stipulated in the enrolment package. Acceptance of the enrolment terms automatically equates to an agreement to the dress code. It means that students are willing to conform to the dress code.

Why Is A Dress Code Needed?

  • In selecting a dress code for the students at Kinross College, there was a commonly asked question by parents and students. The following reasons answered and keeping answering this question:

    It enhances how the public perceives the school. A well designed, presentable uniform makes the public hold Kinross College in high esteem. A presentable uniform improves the image of image school.

    A system where all the students follow a particular dress code helps build team spirit and develop a sense of oneness. It makes the students think and act as one. This is one of the aims of Kinross College.

    There are many school activities organised by Kinross College, and a dress code helps ensure that every student is adequately dressed for each activity.

    This is also a way to maintain a sense of equality among the students. Fingers are not equal, and Kinross College students come from various backgrounds. To prevent unnecessary competition among students, a dress code had to be introduced. This way, there is no competition for who has the most expensive clothes.

    Ease of identification is another cogent reason. Students are expected to be properly dressed all the time. This means that individuals who are neither students nor members of staff can easily be spotted if there stray to the college grounds. This is important to ensure the safety of students and staff members.

    It is also a way of preparing students for the future. There are some workplaces where wearing uniforms is strictly enforced. Some professions like medicine, nursing, and firefighting require you to wear a uniform always. Kinross College uses a dress code system to teach its students to begin to adapt to wearing uniforms in case they find themselves working in a capacity that requires them to.

    There is a dress code policy every student has access to. Every student is also expected to wear a uniform with the Kinross College logo attached to it.