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Enrol Your Kids

Kinross College is a member of a cluster of schools that aims to provide a smooth and highly beneficial educational pathway for children from Kindergarten to Year 12. Kinross College, like every other school in this cluster, is dedicated to providing quality education. Getting an education from any of these schools guarantees that your child receives the best quality education in Australia.

Like every other college in Australia, Kinross College enrols students annually. During enrolment season, the word is put out to ensure that everyone interested in studying at the college sees it. You can check the website at intervals to ensure you are not left out of this information. To get your child enrolled at Kinross College, you are required to follow some steps.

Kinross College grants admission to children in Years 7 to 10. The enrolment process for individuals in the same vicinity where Kinross College is located is done in person. This means you have to go to the college grounds to submit your admission request form. For those living in a different vicinity, the submission can be made on the internet.

When you enrol at Kinross College, it will present you with a handbook that clearly states the rules and regulations of the school. Accepting enrolment at the school automatically means you concur to the rules and restrictions contained in it.

To qualify for admission into Kinross College, you have to adhere to the following requirements. Failure to do so means automatic disqualification.

  • You are required to submit an enrolment form.
  • Two documents can serve as proof of your residential address.
  • The birth certificate of the child you are enrolling
  • Immunisation records. Ensure you submit only current ones in this case.
  • If your child is an Australian resident, you are required to submit your most recent NAPLAN report.
  • Any other document that would promote or supplement your child’s education.

One of the rules and regulations you are presumed to have accepted if you accept the enrolment opportunity is adhering to the stipulated Dress Code. To ensure the continual attendance of your child or ward at Kinross College, you have to ensure that the dress code is adequately followed. It is immediately assumed that you agree to the stipulated dress code when you begin the enrolment process.

Kinross College is a local intake school. As such, the principal can choose to do any or all of the following:

  • Apply the stipulated criteria if there is adequate space and capacity to admit students who don’t reside in the same vicinity as the school.
  • Make room for potential students who may decide to move to the same vicinity as the school during that academic year.
  • Finally, the principal may choose to enrol any and every eligible student who resides in the local intake area of Kinross College.

There are also some criteria for students who reside out of the local intake area.