Explicit Teaching

Kinross College & Explicit Teaching

he instructional practice method is an instrumental and integral part of the teaching system of every educational institution, whether primary, secondary or tertiary. This is why it is important to assess Kinross College's instructional practice system. Today, the system used in Kinross College is the Explicit Teaching Method. This method directs students and their attention to specific learning. This process is then done in a structured manner. This method ensures that students, irrespective of their capacity, can achieve set goals. This method has become popular among educational institutions. This is because it is based on the premise that every student can be a Hugh achiever and that each child matters every time and day. Under this teaching model, the contents and topic get broken down into various parts, usually small and accessible to students. Under this method, the skills are taught individually, and it involves demonstration, explanation, and practice. It also involves a structured framework to guide the students and children learning. These topics are taught in a logical order, and the teacher directs the whole process. This teaching model involves significant listening and observations. This is because of the core aspect of student attention in the teaching method.

Components of the Explicit Teaching Model

Various components make up the explicit teaching model. These components are at the core of Kinross College's activities. They are as follows:
Teaching knitting


This is an integral component that helps students move knowledge and information from short term memory to long term memory. Usually, this is done through oral repetition and chanting of the relevant facts related to the topic. Usually, the information would have been thought through activities in flashcards or whiteboards. 

Certain elements make up this aspect. They include phonemic awareness, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sight words, and phonics awareness.


This component allows students to link or review previous works and engagement for continued or new learning.

I Do

This component or stage involves instruction, usually direct by the instructor directing students towards an expected standard. This is usually explicit, and the whole process of teaching is broken down into various steps. 

We Do

This stage involves immersing the students in guided practice. This is usually in respect of the skill or process in question. The goal is to help the students gain mastery of the subject and also increase their confidence. 

The mother is teaching homework to an African daughter.

You Do

This stage or component involves individual tasks. The students work individually and silently. In turn, at this point, the teacher monitors the activities of the students and provide support and feedback.

Instructor teaching students in swimming pool

Plough Back and Review

This is the final stage or component of the explicit teaching method. Here, the teacher clarifies the expected qualities and standards while providing an opportunity to view key skills and concepts. 

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