Kinross College's Facilities

There is no doubt that every college needs the best facilities to deliver on its promise of excellence. This is the same with Kinross College Today; it relies on a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to provide excellent services to its students. These facilities are fully air-conditioned to ensure that students can truly enjoy the best experience.

Some of the facilities that Kinross College provides to its students and as part of its impressive array of assets include:

The Performing Arts Theatre

This is a state-of-the-art theatre that continues to attract attention even beyond the borders of the college. This is thanks to its size and design that provides optimal functionality. Even more, it is a great place for events of various kinds. 

In recognition of its superb design, this facility gets hired by various community groups for their events. However, Kinross College only hires it out for usage during the weekend or after school hours during weekdays. This facility is available for hire at an affordable price following consultation with the appropriate authorities. 

Design and Technology Workshops

Another facility that Kinross College enjoys is well-designed workshops for the design and technological activities of its students. These workshops were designed to accommodate the academic needs of students studying courses related to design and technology. It boasts of the best equipment.

Visual Arts Studio
This impressive studio offers a wide array of visual arts that students can seek inspiration from. Also, this studio holds various relevant equipment that allows students to explore the visual arts space.

Music Studio, Practice and Recording Rooms

This is another facility that resides in the four corners of Kinross College. This is a fully-equipped space that aids the production of music works among students. It holds various tools that allow students interested in music to explore their interest and learn while still having fun. 


Another facility that is available in Kinross College is the STEM hub. This is a purpose-built facility that provides various tools that allow students to explore science and technology-related topics. This is one of the hallmarks of Kinross College and a sight to behold in its own right. 

Science Laboratories

Kinross College also boasts of state-of-the-art science laboratories. Precisely, it has four science laboratories that accommodate scientific experiments of the various brilliant minds within its walls. It provides them with the right tools to explore their scientific curiosity. 

Lecture Theatres

Another facility that stands out in Kinross College’s wide array of facilities is its lecture theatres. These theatres provide a conducive environment for learning. Even more impressive, Kinross College’s lecture theatres are designed to meet university standards. This ensures that students can enjoy the best learning environment. 

Other facilities that Kinross College provides to its students include:

  • Textile Room
  • Beauty Room
  • Cafe
  • Covered courts
  • Food Technology Rooms
  • Wireless IT
  • Multi-Media Specialist Studios

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