Kinross College Vision & Values


The Vision and Values

Kinross College is an institution that operates upon the foundation of certain values. These values are an important part of its relationship and interaction with the community and members of the society. It places reliance on these values as it interacts with students, parents, guardians, and staff.

The various values that form the core of its existence include:


Kinross College is constantly looking to inspire students across the various field of life. Their goal is to develop a group of students who remain inspired to strive for excellence and success in all their activities. In turn, Kinross College prioritises creating an enabling environment that does not develop student academically. Instead, they create an environment that remains committed to its students’ mental, psychological and character growth. 

Kinross College values ambition as an integral part of life. After all, every achievement that defines the society and community today once started as an ambition. As such, Kinross College constantly strives to develop students full of ambitions.

They believe that a community of ambitious students is more likely to contribute positively to the community. As such, the college dedicates itself to creating an environment that allows its students to set goals, achieve them, and set new goals. In turn, this cycle creates a group of ambitious students committed to positive change.


Kinross College values passion as an integral part of the development of people. Kinross College is committed to helping its students find what they are passionate about and how they can spur change in their community. They are well aware that passion is a drive that pushes us to achieve great things. Whether it be a passion for learning, a love for change and life, or a passion for success, it remains an indispensable part of proper growth. 

As such, Kinross College has as one of its values a commitment towards the development of passionate students. It aims to develop students who can be passionate about what they do.


Kinross College strives to develop students with the highest level of integrity. They believe that honest and ethical students are an integral part of the community and its positive development. As such, they create an environment that promotes honesty, hard work, and ethical conducts.

They ensure that students recognise the place of honesty in their relationships with other members of the community. Kinross College is constantly looking to impact its community positively.

These values are an integral foundation of Kinross College’s activities. In this light, the college created the “Positive Behaviour Schools” practices and ideology in 2019. This initiative aimed to promote these values when it comes to student behaviour, performance, and consequent reward within Kinross College. 

This initiative is a product of research as it has taken as much as 12 months for a framework to emerge. This framework exists under the banner RISE. This banner promotes respect, hopes to inspire and support students to ensure that they excel. 

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