Student Leadership

As a way of introducing students to leadership roles, Kinross College offers them the opportunity to serve as members of the school’s Student Council. The students are introduced to a leadership development program. It is a seasonal opportunity extended to the students.

The Student Council is headed by a Head Boy, a Head Girl, and six House Captains selected from Year 10. Other members of the Council are elected from Years 7, 8 and 9, and they all serve as Year Leaders.  Members of the school staff supervise the members of this Council.

Members of the Student Council meet once a week. They also assist members of staff with several activities throughout the academic year. Some of the activities include getting involved in fundraising and social events.

Academic Program

Kinross College has a program that caters to talented and gifted children through a program is known as The Kinross Extension and Acceleration (KEA) Program. Positions in this program have to be earned, and this is the key to keeping your child engaged throughout Years 7 – 10. Children in this program are taught a specialised program designed to prepare them for Years 11, 12, and University.

The program is designed to allow students to widen their skills and knowledge and expose them to a higher level of concepts and contents.

Teenage friends in college campus

Music Program

Kinross College organises a contemporary music program designed to provide students with the following opportunities:

  • General Music: This is an elective class that is open to every student.
  • Music Enrichment: Students interested in this program apply for it and are selected based on auditions.
  • Instrumental Program: This program is also available to all students and compulsory for music enrichment students.
  • Vocal Group: This program is also compulsory for music enrichment students and open to all students.
  • Contemporary Ensemble: This program is through General Music, Music Enrichment or both.
Group Of College Students Walking Through College Corridor


Kinross College has a partnership with Cadets WA and the Department of Communities, which allows them to offer students opportunities to develop self-management, interpersonal, outdoor skills, and knowledge about the WA Police Force. This program is available only to students in Yrs 8 – 12. It helps students to develop leadership skills, friendships, and confidence and resilience attributes. This development takes place in a respectful and disciplined environment while maintaining a ranking system.

There are various benefits students enjoy because they are Rangers. Some of them include access to International programs like World Challenge and a graduation ceremony where students who have performed well are promoted to the next rank.

World Challenge
This is a program which happens once in two years. Students and staff from Kinross College organise and participate in a challenging adventure to an international destination. World Challenge supports the World Challenge program. Teacher coordinators select an international destination from about fifty others from all seven continents. The World Challenge program is an avenue for students to acquire skills outside the classroom.