Senior Schooling

Senior Schooling at Kinross College

Kinross College, like every other school in this cluster, is dedicated to providing quality education. Getting an education from any of these schools guarantees that your child receives the best quality education in Australia. Kinross College recognises the learning entitlement of all its students. This is in recognition of the stipulation of the Australian curriculum. This curriculum sets out the learning objective of young people by specifying the content of the school’s curriculum across the learning areas, cross-curricula priorities, and general capabilities. 

Kinross College caters to students from a young age and guides them through its comprehensive and intensive system until they reach the senior category.  The senior category covers students who have passed through the whole learning stage at Kinross College.

Typically, these students have been trained across various areas, which include:

  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • English
  • Society and Environment 
  • The Arts
  • French 
  • Physical Education
  • Technology and Enterprise
  • This section provides you with all the information you need on senior schooling at Kinross College. Senior school in Kinross College, like all other Australian schools, ends in Year 12. During the final year, a series of examinations are conducted. If the students pass the required pass marks for certification and graduation, then they qualify for the Western Australian Certificate of Education.

    This certificate signifies that the student has met up with the required literacy and numeracy standards for Kinross College. If a student successfully qualifies for this certificate, it means the student has been able to meet up all the requirements. Some of the requirements include breadth and depth standards, achievement and literacy and numeracy standards.

    Students also qualify for a certificate known as the Western Australia Statement of Student Achievement. These two certificates are contained in a “folio of achievement”. This certificate records the following:

    • The achievement of the Western Australian Certificate of Education
    • The achievement of reading and writing standards
    • The achievement of the requirement for numeracy standards
    • Successful completion of VET qualifications and VET units of competency